Excellence in Brick and

Block Design Awards 2005


Masonry Contractors Assosciation NSW INC.

It gives me great pleasure to offer my testimonial to someone who truly deserves it. I would firstly like to say it is not often you can deal with someone and be completely happy with the entire process and gain a professional friendship.
From the initial meeting Ric was extremely Professional and gave my wife and I a reassuring feeling that we are in good hands. From that meeting Ric came up with a 3D concept drawings and it was like he was reading our minds and we could not fault what he presented. Ric spent time with us explaining his design and how it should be built structurally and economically so he could proceed with floor plans. Throughout this stage he listened to all our requests and incorporated this in his design layout and we honestly could not be more happier with what he designed. Ric not only incorporated everything we wanted in the design but he added his own vast experience and flare into the final design and made a truly incredible house design.
Ric was enthusiastic in his design process and this remained throughout the building process and all the way to the finished product. Ric kept contact with us after we moved in and questioned if we were happy with everything and if there is anything we would change. He insisted he wanted honest feed back and here it is.
We honestly would not change anything and we are truly grateful for what you have created. It is not only a beautiful house externally and internally, it has changed our life and the way we live, it simply works and flows and puts a smile on our faces everyday and we take our hat of to you and thank you.
To conclude my wife and I will be more than happy to show our house your creation to future clients and back up this testimonial. Thankyou for your honestly, knowledge, experience and professionalism.
Peter Todarello